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Rosecrans Ventures is keenly focused on serving the professional development needs of underrepresented talent.  Specifically, we developed an ecosystem that nurtures and cultivates the Gen Z diverse talent lifecycle. 

Diverse Student Coaching


Rosecrans Ventures specializes in 1:1 coaching to accelerate underrepresented talent. This is not your usual career readiness modeling, but workforce development framed around identity and excellence.

  • Skills Gap Identification

  • Defining the Meaningful Employee Experience 

  • Professional Development and Career Navigation Coaching 

Underrepresented Workforce


It is our time to re-imagine and respond to career readiness. Our focus is developing customized professional development and workplace navigation courses to prepare the most competitive talent the market has to offer.

  • Custom Course Development and Training

  • Competitive and Relevant Curriculum Content

  • Learning Outcomes Connected to Emerging Skills Trends

Diverse Workforce


We help identify what the meaningful work experience means to your underrepresented talent and ensure they feel invested in and have the skills and knowledge required to succeed. 

  • Pipeline Strategies 

  • Culture Shaping 

  • Preparing Leaders for Management Success in the New Age of Work

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