Rosecrans Ventures is keenly focused on serving the professional development needs of underrepresented talent.  Specifically, we developed an ecosystem that nurtures and cultivates the Gen Z diverse talent lifecycle. 

Diverse Student Coaching


Rosecrans Ventures specializes in 1:1 coaching to accelerate underrepresented talent. This is not your usual career readiness modeling, but workforce development framed around identity and excellence.

  • Skills Gap Identification

  • Defining the Meaningful Employee Experience 

  • Professional Development and Career Coaching 

  • Custom Course Development and Training 

  • Competitive and Relevant Curriculum Content

  • Mental Health Supports (Licensed Therapy Service Partnership)

Underrepresented Workforce


We operate as talent brokers for the underrepresented population in internship placements.

It is our time to re-imagine and respond to career readiness. Our focus is developing solutions to attract, retain and prepare the most competitive talent the market has to offer.

  • Internship Matching 

  • Talent Acquisition Partnerships

  • Internship Infrastructure Support

Diverse Workforce


We help identify what the meaningful work experience means to your Gen Z talent and ensure they feel invested and have the skills and knowledge required to succeed. 

  • Meaningful Employee Experience Surveying 

  • Diverse Talent Sourcing

  • Pipeline Strategies 

  • Skills Gap Identification

  • Management Diversity Coaching 

  • Culture Shaping